380 ACP Ammo For Sale

We have 380 ACP Ammo in stock and ready to ship. This versatile ammunition provides excellent stopping power for personal defense, target shooting, and competitive competitions. 380 ACP ammo for sale is a common handgun cartridge that has been used for decades. It is known to provide reliable performance with its low recoil making it ideal for concealed carry set-ups. And because of its smaller size, it is one of the most popular calibers for self-defense.

What is 380 ACP ammunition?

It is a popular and well-known round for personal protection and recreational shooting. 380 ACP ammunition is often compared to 9mm rounds, with the difference being that the 380 cartridge has less muzzle energy than its counterpart. This makes it suitable for shorter-barrel firearms such as pistols, derringers, and pocket rifles.


380 ACP ammunition has been around since 1908 and was originally designed by John Browning. It quickly gained popularity among gun enthusiasts and continues to be a sought-after round today. 380 ACP ammo is the perfect round for anyone looking for a smaller round that still packs a punch. 380 ACP ammunition is known for its low recoil, making it a great option for target shooting and personal defense. It is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for those who want to be prepared for any situation. 380 ACP cartridge is also relatively inexpensive compared to other rounds of the same caliber.

What makes 380 ACP ammo unique?

The 380 Auto is renowned for its low recoil, making it ideal for shooters with a low tolerance to recoil. Hence, the round is popular among new shooters, women, and concealed carriers. It also has less noise than other handgun cartridges and the smaller size of the round makes it easier to store or carry.

380 ACP ammunition types

The round is available in a variety of bullet weights and styles. Most 380 Auto ammunition is sold either as a full metal jacket (FMJ) or jacketed hollow-point (JHP). Both are suitable for target practice or self-defense situations. The type of bullet you choose should be based on your intended use for the ammunition.

What is the best 380 ACP ammunition for self-defense?

For self-defense, the best 380 ACP ammo is typically hollow point ammunition. These rounds expand upon impact and cause more tissue damage than FMJ bullets, making them more effective for stopping an assailant in their tracks. We recommend exercising caution when choosing hollow points to make sure they meet your needs.

Where to buy 380 ACP ammunition online

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