243 ammo for sale

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What is 243 Ammo?

243 ammunition is a popular firearm caliber used for hunting and target shooting. 243 cartridge typically comes in two types of bullet weight: 100 grain and 85 grain. The 100-grain bullet is perfect for target shooting, while the 85-grain is ideal for hunting due to its higher velocity and flat trajectory.

243 Winchester types

When shopping for 243 ammo, you’ll need to decide between a full metal jacket, soft point, and hollow point bullets. Full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets are designed to penetrate a target, whereas soft point and hollow point bullets offer more stopping power and better accuracy due to their wide diameter. Hollow point bullets have the bonus of providing “delayed expansion,” meaning they expand upon impact for extra stopping power.

Best 243 ammunition for deer

When hunting deer, we recommend using 85-grain jacketed hollow point bullets for maximum effectiveness. This type of ammo offers a combination of accuracy and stopping power and will ensure a quick kill. Additionally, you’ll want to use a rifle or carbine chambered for 243 Winchester.

243 Winchester vs 223

When comparing 243 Winchester to 223 ammo, the 243 has a much larger bullet diameter and higher velocity. This makes it better suited for hunting large game, due to its increased stopping power and flat trajectory. However, the 223 ammo is much more affordable than the 243 Winchester, making it ideal for target practice.

Where to buy 243 Winchester ammo?

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