500rds of CCI 22 WMR Ammo 30 GR Varmint Tipped of




CCI 22 WMR Ammo 30 GR Varmint Tipped ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 22 WMR ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA.com. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of CCI ammunition for sale online with free shipping on bulk ammo including this CCI 22 WMR Ammo 30 GR Varmint Tipped.

CCI 22 WMR Ammo 30 GR Varmint Tipped ammo review offers the following information; CCI Ammunition is known for among hunters and target shooters alike for delivering an explosive and accurate performance over and over again with incredibly reliable ammunition! For over 50 years shooters have counted on CCI for all of their rimfire ammunition needs, and CCI has always delivered. CCI has a reputation in the sports industry for having reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time and time again.One look is all it takes to know that CCI understands what varmint hunters desire. The Varmint Ammunition line features a variety of bullet technologies that are designed for the same goal: total devastation on impact. The VNT load allows you to devastate varmints or drill targets at long range.
The loads feature a Speer bullet with an extremely thin jacket and polymer tip that team up to offer flat trajectories, superb long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance on impact.
UPC 604544647334
Manufacturer CCI AMMO
Caliber 22 WMR AMMO
Bullet Type Varmint Tipped
Muzzle Velocity 2200 fps
Muzzle Energy 322 ft. lbs.
Primer Rimfire Primer
Casing Rimfire Casing
Ammo Rating Varmint Hunting 22 WMR Ammo


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