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PMC’s Bronze Handgun 1000 Rounds is manufactured with the same quality and dependability built into the Starfire ammunition. All PMC 115 gr FMJ – PMC (9A) cartridges must pass through the rigorous inspection of the electronic powder check station. If the propellant in any cartridge varies by as little.
Each first-run case is perfect for the shooter who also reloads, something that will increase your already reduced cost. Each round is inspected utilizing PMC’s Electronic Powder Check Station, which accurately measures the propellant charge. This is their thorough method to ensure a consistent, reliable load.
Plus, PMC 115 gr FMJ – PMC (9A) has full supervision over quality control procedures since each component is produced in house. The result is a highly accurate, reliable, and consistent round. Making the 9A perfect for the high-volume shooter each and every time the trigger is pulled. PMC-Bronze-9mm 115 Grain
Shooters know that the key to improvement is range time and rounds on target. But shooting a lot does more than increase your scores, it also depletes your savings. But now you have a choice other than staying off the range, now you have access to high-grade practice ammunition at a budget-friendly price and available in bulk.
This 9mm round from PMC is constructed using only the finest in components including a 115-grain full metal jacket that uses a lead core and is non-magnetic for limited expansion & increased penetration, non-corrosive boxer primers, and first-run quality brass casing.

Quantity – 1000 Rounds (20 Boxes of 50 Rounds)
Manufacturer – PMC
Bullet – 115 Grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
Casing – New Boxer-Primed Brass

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500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds


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